Friday, May 19, 2006



My Mum has commissioned me to knit another pair of socks for my Grandma, they were supposed to be done for Mother's Day but due a crisis of pattern indecision they didn't get started till then. I tried at least 10 different stitch patterns before I finally listened to the whispers I'd been hearing all week:

'Pomatomus, Pomatomus, Pomatomus'
'Why don't you make some Pomatomus?'
'How about Pomatomus'
'You know some Pomatomus would be nice'
'I want to be Pomatomus!'

So I relented and cast on for Pomatomus, or should that be Pomatomi?

Knit in Live 2 Knit Elizabeth 100% Superwash Merino Tutti Fruity colourway

The shrug I'm working on for my neice's birthday is nearing completion at last, poor blogger than I haven't even show it to you yet.

Knit in Live 2 Knit Marilyn 100% Superwash Merino Monet colourway

The old fear is rearing it's head again, will it fit, I'm torn between just finishing it & hoping for the best and actually going over & getting her to try it on.

After the hard lessons learned with Lacey & Selma I'm hesitant to commit to the Rebecca Apricot Jacke so it hasn't made it past the swatching stage yet but I have a plan. A plan that's been brewing and growing over the last few weeks it requires a measuring tape, some graph paper, a pencil, an eraser and a friend, a very close friend...

Perhaps Penny will help me.

I love the look of your Hippo socks (I can't spell the word everytime so I call them Hippo socks).
I love the Hippo socks - I still have one to go - you could beat me!! Lovely shrug - lovely colours!!
That Penny has a wicked glint in her eye!! She's peeking au at the camera!!!!Are you making something for her???
Hippo socks look great! Love the colour! They will be fantastic at the end..

Isnt is scary with wool talks to you ;) lol...Have had it happen a few times...Though it does help with working out what to do with it. Just hate it when its daft and gets it wrong (the wool..NEVR me! lol)

I *love* the wool in the shrug you are making for your niece! Is that color as pretty and bright as it appears on screen? If so, I think I'm going to order some for myself. It's just beautiful! And your projects are lovely too!

Thankyou for your kind comments.
The photo of the shrug is pretty accurate colourwise on my screen. Monet is a very bright and cheery colourway.
Beautiful yarn! And a great start on Pomatomus. Good luck!
Katie, thank you for answering my question. I've just sent an email to Live2Knits for the Monet.

Your new dog is so sweet! I'm sure you'll get a lot of knitting done with her. :)
those hippo socks are gorgeous!!

that shrug is very nice too!! what pattern is it??
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