Monday, March 27, 2006



The Bride & Groom Socks are now officially a pair, don't they make a cute couple?

I wish them all the happiness for the future and I'm sure they'll make beautiful little baby socks together.

Seriously, I finished these with just a few days to spare, it's my Grandma's Birthday this week, as a knitter herself I know she will appreciate them, I'm just hoping she doesn't think they're too good to wear.

Oh & you know how I said the toes were too pointy, well it turns out if you read the pattern properly they aren't pointy at all, go figure.

Pattern: Pretty much my own
Needles: 2.75mm DPN's
Yarn: 2 skeins of Live 2 Knit Elizabeth in Peacock colourway
Started: 1st March 2006
Finished: 26th March 2006
Notes: This is a mish mash of patterns, I followed the directions for a flap heel from Sensational Knitted Socks since it is the first time I have done one & I borrowed the Star Toe from Mona Schmidt's Embossed Leaves Socks in the Winter 2005 IK. I think the simple slip stitch rib pattern is made a bit more special when teamed with fancy heel & toe treatments.

Just cause I can, here's a close up of the Star Toe (per the pattern) and Eye of Partridge heel, aren't they purty!

Those came out beautiful - I'm sure your grandmother will love them. I had to laugh about the too pretty to wear part - my mom said the dishcloth I gave her was too pretty to use (I told her I could easily make more!!). I love you yarn too, the Peacock looks so pretty knit up with that pattern.
You have finished these so quickly!!! I love the star toe. Your picture shows it so well, and I do like the partridge heel too.
I know what you mean about things being too nice to use or where. I am on a mission to wear and use ALL my nice things before it's too late!!!!!
Pretty toe!
I've never seen an eye of partridge heel before now and I really like it.
They're lovely!!
Wow you have done a fabulous job with these. Congratulations! The toe is gorgeous. Sounds like your Grandma will appreciate all the work that has gone into them. Well done. :o)
They are GORGEOUS!!!! Love the colour...LOVE the pattern (I would love a copy of it if you are willing to write it up and part with it! lol).

You have done a fantastic job..You should be very proud..I am sure your grandmother will love them

I really like the heel AND the toe. I must try them! Enjoying your blog.
i love them! and the colour is so gorgeous. i also really like the 'star toe' that you did too, its a really nice pattern. x
They are so lovely, your grandmother will adore them I am sure.

I think you should definately write the pattern out and share ;)
The socks are wonderful. Your grandmother will love them. I hope you don't have the trouble getting her to wear them, though, that I had with my mother... They were too good, blah, blah, blah. Finally, I think I convinced her. Finally, years after I gave them to her, she tried them on (gads). And loved them. I must have told her 10 times that they go in the washer and dryer. That was a big thing for her. LOL I haven't been brave enough to check back to see if she's actually been wearing them, though. LOL
Oh, the socks are so pretty and the star toe and eye of partridge heel just set them off wonderfully!
As for the yarn - I like my sock yarn stripey (but randomly dyed is fine depending on what pattern I am using for the socks) and my normal yarn randomly dyed. And I will buy some of yours one day when I am not at the critical money shortage part of the year.
I love these socks, they are awesome. If you ever write up the pattern, I'd love a copy. Would love to make a pair for myself and my mother.

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