Friday, April 14, 2006


Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm back from holidays. The Whitsundays were gorgeous and we had a blast learning to sail a yacht, we'll definitely be heading back in the near future to make sure we don't forget all we have learnt!

I finished seaming up Selma the day before we left for Queensland but thought I'd save unveiling her for a special occasion, and since today is my Birthday, what more special occasion can there be?

Ooops, I forgot to add my pattern notes:

Selma from Berocco
Needles: 4mm straights
Yarn: Jo Sharp Classic DK in
Brocade (912)
Started: 5th March 2005
Completed: 31st March 2006
Notes: To say I had a few sizing issues with this pattern may be a bit of an understatement. I'd started it once before in 2004 & got the front & back done before deciding it was too small & ripping it, it sat languishing for a year.

I re-worked the pattern slightly the second time around by cutting out the ribbed sections that went up the back & the sleeves & adding some waist shaping by knitting the bottom section in the S size & the top part in the XS size, but when it was all finished & blocked it was HUGE! So I did this to it. I think I went a bit too hard with the scissors though, cause now it doesn't really close, but it is certainly a more flattering fit. It's also a bit tight across the shoulders so I probably should have knit the arms to the bigger size too, other than this small issue I LOVE IT!
I was a bit worried about how stiff the fabric was to start with but with but after washing & blocking is softens up beautifully & is very drapey. It's not the softest yarn, it does have a bit of a prickle factor & I won't be able to wear it against my sensitive skin, but it is ever so warm.
Dear Katie, glad you had a great time!! And all that fun learning new things too.You look all serene and relaxed!!!
Selma is stunning and looks wonderful - worth all the angst!!
Happy Birthday to you, hope you have 'good' day!!
Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey and
Peri Naughty who send wags and licks!!!
happy birthday to you! hope you are having a great day.
wow! that top is beautiful! great job! x
Happy Birthday!
Selma looks lovely, and you look quite relaxed :-)
Happy Birthday to you!
My first visit to your blog and I love your work.
Did you need Selma in QLD???
Happy birthday! That is one gorgeous handknit you have produced there! Glad to see you back and that you had a fun time up North
Happy belated birthday Katie!! Hope you had a great day.

You did a great job on Selma too! Looks fantastic and even better on you.

Selma looks great and I hope you had an awesome birthday.
Selma looks great. Was she an easy knit, or complicated. The twist part looks complicated to do.
Wow this looks lovely! You did an excellent job with it. Congrats. Oh and a belated Happy Birthday too.
Great job on Selma! I hope you had a nice b-day.
Belated happy birthday wishes! I loved the picture of "Selma" -- much nicer than the picture on the Berrocco site. Seeing your finished sweater actually makes me want to knit Selma! Do you have any suggestions or corrections to the pattern?
Selma is gorgeous!
Hope you had a great birthday!
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