Monday, October 25, 2004


100 Things

I've enjoyed reading everyone else's 100 things so here is mine:

1. My middle name is Maree
2. It's actually spelt Marie on my birth certificate
3. I have 3 brothers
4. One is older and two are younger
5. I am engaged but may never get married
6. I don't automatically know my left from my right
7. I can't roll my tongue
8. I knit in the English style
9. I have a talent for making a mess
10. I drive a manual car
11. I always wanted to be a teacher when I grew up
12. I work in an office
13. I am not really a people person
14. I may never have children
15. My favourite colours are blue & red
16. Especially Cornflower Blue and Burgundy
17. I love fruit
18. I love chocolate too
19. I especially love chocolate with nuts in it
20. Hazelnut chocolate is my all time favourite
21. I know how to crochet
22. I have finished only one of the crochet project I have started
23. I don't like fresh tomato
24. But I like tomato sauce
25. I am afraid of heights
26. I am also afraid of spiders
27. I have never been overseas
28. I rarely ever wear makeup
29. I prefer short fingernails
30. I'm very bad at keeping in contact with people
31. I'm terrible at sport
32. I am patient
33. I am very persistent
34. I love to read
35. I love to read about history, fact or fiction
36. I have not ready any Harry Potter books…yet
37. I am currently reading Clive Cussler's Trojan Oddessy
38. I like to garden
39. Sometimes I think I am an old woman stuck in a young woman's body
40. I am 25 years old
41 I do not make my bed in the morning
42. I hate to do housework
43. I have two nieces
44. I may soon have another niece or nephew
45. I can't do maths in my head
46. I don't know many of the times tables by heart
47. I got an A on my final maths exam in high school
48. I still use my fingers to add numbers together
49. I have a freckle on the top of my head
50. I do not like spicy food
51. My favourite pizza topping is Ham & Pineapple
52. I mainly use straight aluminium knitting needles
53. I would like to get some Denise Interchangables
54. I do not own a copy of the Stitch & Bitch knitting book
55. I have way too many knitting patterns
56. I have recently discovered a love for Phildar patterns
57. I am an Arian
58. I am yet to knit a sock
59. I am not very good at taking photos
60. I do not like to have my photo taken
61. There are very few photos of me as a teenager
62. I am more of a follower than a leader
63. I rarely ever lie
64. I am a bargain hunter
65. I am generally very careful with money
66. I had a shoe fetish when I was a child
67. I learnt Italian for about 9 years at school but can't remember much
68. I need at least 8 hours of sleep a night
69. I go to bed at 9.00pm
70. I have a terrible memory
71. Especially for peoples names
72. I have been baptised but don't believe myself a Christian
73. I was overweight as a child/teenager
74. I don't believe I am overweight now but I still have issues
75. I write cursive
76. I try to drink at least 2 litres of water a day
77. I have hazel eyes
78. My lips are very pink
79. I always got in trouble at school for wearing lipstick
80. I never wore lipstick to school
81. I have very sensitive skin
82. I can't wear wool against my skin
83. I haven't worn pink since I was about 7 years old
84. I like watching documentaries
85. I'm interested in history
86. I would like to travel the world
87. I am an ebay addict
88. I do not have any pets
89. I have brown hair
90. I wish I had red hair
91. I love the Irish accent
92. I always wanted to marry and Irishman
93. My Fiancee is half-Irish
94. I don't have many ambitions in life
95. I think one day I will become a hermit
96. I'm not a fan of reality TV
97. I surf the Internet way too much
98. I don't have any tattoos
99. I can be a bit obsessive
100. I am currently obsessive about knitting

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