Friday, January 20, 2006


Full Frontals

Cindy has dubbed my Selma Anti-Cool, so in that spirit I have outed myself as an Anti-Cool Knitter.

I don't follow fashion,
I don't follow trend,
I knit just what I want
Don't care who I might offend!

I'm not part of the in-crowd,
I'm not hip or with it,
I'm so Anti-Cool, man
You could almost say I'm Hot!

Warning: there are explicit full frontal images ahead, if you are easily offended please click away now.

I've taken a few days off work to make an extra long weekend as we're heading away to Bright again tomorrow for J's big ride this Sunday, anyway as I have the house to myself - utter bliss - I got a little excited and decided to have a seaming party, bring on the cocktails!

I started off with Lacey, she's been languishing for a while, so the shoulders were seamed & then half the arm, it was looking great so I thought I'd just baste up the rest of the seams & try her on.
The neck was a bit snug, only just going over my head & those French women must have extreemly skinny arms as well as small heads but the final blow, it barely covers my belly button - TKO!

I finished up on the front of Selma a couple of days ago after ripping back the mistake, for my own sanity & peace of mind and gave it a light blocking yesterday.

After the disaster of Lacey yesterday I pinned it up to see how it would look on and well, let's just say it's a little on the generous side - maybe I should just give up on clothes & stick to socks for a while.
Ahhhh! You poor thing - all that work and then things don't fit. I hate that. You have my every sympathetic thought. My Zhivago cardi is way too big, I did the right size and needles and tension too. You are right about socks - I KNOW my pattern fits me!! And scarves too - I am knitting mine from your lovely alpaca wool as a rest from socks!!
Have a nice long wekend!!
Cindy, Harki and Peri
This would be the reason why I dont knit myself clothes! lol...I couldnt stand the pain of getting that far and working out I didnt like it. Sigh. Knitting can be such a fickle thing with sizing.

I am an uncool knitter too ;)

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