Monday, July 31, 2006


There's a Pomatomus on my Roof Eating Cake!*

A truly reversible sock (the one on the left is inside out)

Pattern: Pomatomus
Needles: 3.25mm DPN's
Yarn: Live 2 Knit Elizabeth 100% Superwash Merino in the Tutti Fruity colourway
Started: Approx 7th May, 2006
Completed: 29th July, 2006
Notes: Even though it took me almost 4 months to finish them, I really enjoyed making these.
I made the leg one repeat shorter than the pattern called for as I was a bit worried about running out of yarn, I shouldn't have worried as I have plenty left over. I also changed the toe shaping by following the decreases from the Lana Grossa Jojo sock as I prefer a more rounded toe.
Despite being incredibly stretchy they are quite snug fitting & require a bit of maneuvering to get on & off easily so I'm a bit worried they won't fit my Grandma, but as I doubt she will ever wear them... Perhaps now she will wear the other pair & show these ones off instead.

Here's another view...

I think I must have taken 25 photos trying to find the right angle to show off the pattern & the yarn, perhaps this colourway is a bit too vibrant for the camera as they look really great in true life.

*Does anyone remember that book?
Hi Katie,
It sounds like you are coming out of your slump, and the socks are just great! Way to go !! And yes, I do remember the book.
What are you planning on next?
Oh Katie, they're lovely and you win the Hippo Sock race by a foot!!!!! Yes, I loved all those Hippo books. I think Hazel Edwards wrote them?? I had a book of plays she adapted from her books and I remember my Grade 2 performed one!!
Are you offically out of your slump?? Hi to Penny the Wonder Dog!!!
Those socks look fantastic Katie!!

And yes I remember that book! lol.

Fantastic socks!
I really love your Pomatomus', they look fantastic with the yarn you've used! Great colors too - congrats!
Lovely socks and I used to read the book to my little sis (she is 16 years younger than me).
The socks look great...I must get onto knitting some for myself.
We recently borrowed that Hippo book from the library and my kids loved it!
Great socks! Well done for persisting. This pattern looks too hard for me to try yet - I'm just a beginner sock maker, but it sure is a lovely pattern. I love the toe you chose too - one of my favourites.
I love the socks but shouldn't it be Potamous? (the book was Hippopotamous - I used to read it to kids when I was a Children's librarian) ;-)
You have done a stellar job on those socks! I hope to try this pattern next.
Hadn't thought about that book for probably 20 years! [youngest is 24 ] and glorious socks btw
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