Friday, July 21, 2006

The slump continues, I haven't visted any of the formus in what seems like forever & I am so far behind on my blog reading that I'm almost too scared to look.
I have been knitting, probably ripping more than I knit though BUT I do have a FO to show you.

Pattern: Adaption of Urban Necessities
Needles: 4mm DPN's
Yarn: Live 2 Knit Marilyn 100% Superwash Merino in the Commando colourway
Started: 11th June, 2006
Completed: 16th July, 2006
Notes: These were a fairly quick knit and could easily be completed in a weekend, if you weren't as flakey as I am at the moment.
At the 11th Hour J decided he wanted fingerless gloves instead of the flapper mittens so these were completed even more quickly than expected.
As with any gloves the fingers were a bit fiddley, I used the Russian Bind Off (see the 4th post down) and a 6mm needle to ensure correct blood flow to the fingers, though I did need to block out the thumb holes as J seems to have inherited some serious gorilla knuckles from somewhere. They have been tested & received the full seal of approval!
hey katie! those fingerless gloves look lovely. i could do with a pair myself right now! :0) x
They look wild!! Love them! Wouldnt mind a pair for myself! lol

Yeah I think when I get to the Hobo gloves they will probably just stay fingerless ones! lol

Those look really good! I didn't "get" fingerless gloves at first, but I have to say that I can definitely see me wearing them in our winter months, when it gets too cold to type and your hands almost ache. It looks like a simple pattern too which is great.
They are great, I love fingerless gloves and have been wearing them for years.
Hi Katie!! Nice mittens!! They look great, although I am smiling at the minute detail that must be involved in blocking the thumb!!! That Russian Bind off is great, I used it when I cut and pasted my Turing Sock - which is sadly pining away in my sock tote!!!
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