Thursday, February 02, 2006


You Did WHAT To Your Knitting?!

I couldn't believe it, all that hard work, over a year's worth of knitting and both Lacey & Selma were monumental disasters in sizing (there could be a lesson in this).
I was crushed.
I'd already cast on Selma's final sleeve but cast it aside in disgust and consoled myself with a sock.

Pina Colada Sock #2

It was weighing on me, should I forget about knitting clothes and just stick to socks?
Meanwhile Pina Colada sock #2's mate still needed to be frogged to accomodate that cankle issue.
Should I even be allowed near another set of needles again?

If Selma was made of fabric she would be so much simpler to fix, cut a bit off here, sew a bit up there and voila. Hang on a minute ... is knitting not simply manipulating some sticks and string to make fabric?

I vaguely remember seeing somewhere someone re-sizing their knits by steeking the seams, in a fashion.
So I researched everything I could find on steeking and set to work.

First I turned myself into a walking pincusion and pinned up the seams to make a more flattering fit, then using a contrasting coloured yarn I marked out my new seams.
Using my trusty sewing machine I straight stiched along the new seam I'd marked once, then a second time about a centimeter out from the first to make sure this baby ain't gonna unravel - now comes the fun part, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and CUT the excess fabric away, it doesn't leave a very pretty edge but hey it's on the inside, who's gonna see it?

I tried, I really did, to mattress stich the seams but it just wasn't looking all that crash hot so back to the trusty sewing machine (cheater, cheater!) so now the race is on to finish the second sleeve.
You deserve a medal!! Well done!! I can imagine the whole closing your eyes and taking a deep breath before cutting - but who DOES see the inside? No-one!!! And now you will have a jumper you can wear!!!!Selma looks very nice too!!!
Love the sock!!!!
Oooh I am soooo not happy about the steeking idea! I dont think I could bring myself to do it! Taking scissors to knitting is scary ;)

I am with Cindy! You deserve a medal.

You are so brave... I'm glad it worked!
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