Friday, November 10, 2006


All Work & No Play

Makes this a very boring blog!

Here is the reason I have been so quiet lately:

But that's just a box I hear you say.

Yes, that is just a box, but it's a very special box.

Inside can be found gorgous Merino, Baby Alpaca & Cotton yarns dyed in 5 brand new colourways, exclusive to Ecoyarns.

I must keep you in suspense however as I don't have permision to reveal the colourways yet.

As for the competition, I will be drawing it next Wednesday, so if you haven't already, enter now for your chance to win 100g of Elizabeth yarn dyed in the colourway of your choice!

oooh cant wait to see whats in the box!!

And is that a competition I smell!?!? lol..I didnt know there was one when I put my info in..See..Thats how daft I am! lol

the anticipation is going to kill me!!!
ooooooooooooooooo Im soooo dying of suspense, here. I want that cotton hey

waiting waiting waiting
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