Wednesday, October 04, 2006


She Lives

Yes, I am still here. A lot of behind the scenes Live 2 Knit stuff has been keeping me busy, busy, busy!

I have moved to a new shopfront & location, very exciting! (Don't forget to update your links).
I'd love for you all to pop over & have a look & let me know what you think, any suggestions or improvements would be most welcome.

Not much knitting happening, the fronts of the Rebecca cardi have stalled in favour of some Christmas knitting, how organised is that?
One Sophie bag & the Weekend Getaway Satchel from the Spring 05 Interweave Knits, though mine will be MUCH smaller!
good to see you're still alive and kicking! :)
Dear Katie, the nasty Internet won't let me view your new shop page thingy. :( Look!! I made a sad face!!! :)
I'm so impressed you have Christmas knitting going!
Glad to see you are still alive.

New shop look fantastic!

I really have to get started on Chrissie knitting!!!

love your new shop - have posted link on my blog! good luck with it all ;)
I like your new site!!! Glad to see you posting too!
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