Friday, October 20, 2006


Get Felted!

I finished up the Weekend Getaway Satchel and felted it with the Sophie bag over the weekend.

Felted bags with Penny for scale

Sophie didn't felt as much as I would have liked but the satchel felted like a dream. I had the same problem with the first Sophie I made, light coloured yarn does NOT felt well, when am I going to learn?

I still haven't decided on handles for the satchel & I'd like to put a purse frame in it too, I think it's gonna look great when it's all finished!

I've found another felted bag pattern that I'm gonna make next at Garnstudio.

ooooooooh all above bags look great!!

I stear clear of light colours for fear of felting problems...

I have never felted anything, even accidentally, but I want to make a bag!! I will steer clear of light green!! Lovely bags though, and the Garn(m?) one is stunning. Penny is an excellent model!! She has little bits of lovely brown on her ears now!! What a still puppy!!!
Gorgeous, Katie! I'm halfway through a "Sophie", black, red and dark grey, so hope they felt OK. Your puppy is so cute, too!
The bag is great and I can't wait to see the garnstudio felted one, is there a link to it? sorry I am being lazy ;)
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