Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Congratulations All Round

... That's the sound of my online presence lately, nothing!
J had to go into hospital last week to have a knee op.
In between my role as official gopher & caretaker while he gets back on his feet (literally), I re-cast on the Rebecca Jacke Sleeves & am making some progress.

I've put the baby socks on hold, I ran out of yarn & time... Last Monday morning, my sister in law gave birth to her 4th child & girl! Welcome to the family Angelique.

Another Little Princess

Also congratulations to my younger brother, Michael, who participated in an engagement ceremony with his wife-to-be Kae. Michael is currently living in Thailand, where he met Kae.

Look at that Rock!

The Happy Couple

It's a pity I couldn't have been there, I would have loved to have seen the whole thing.
Hope J's knee is feeling better soon!! I love the sleeves!! You are like a knitting bus...nothing for ages and then two really good things come along at once!!! happy family news as well!! It's a good week!!!! Hi Penny!!!
Yes, hope your role as nurse will end soon -- tough job!

Your new niece is beautiful...lots of girly things to knit for her. And congrats to your brother too and his wife-to-be.

Yay sleeves!
Looks great...



and Hope Js knee heals up real well real fast..


The sleeves are looking great and I guess having had SO many people blog about the problems with the pattern should make it a little easier. It is such a gorgeous pattern. Don't forget to check the errata page on Rebeccas website for the corrections!!
I would definitely buy kool aid - except a swap pal in the US just sent me 36 packets! So I won't need any for a while :-)
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