Friday, June 30, 2006

Have not knit a stitch in over a week.
Experiencing serious withdrawl.
Eating too much chocolate as a result.
I must knit everyday, there is absoloutely no way I could go a whole week!!!

You must be having severe cold turkey ;)
When I am feeling very boogelly I don't knit. I hope the chocolate is good. You are experiencing a lull!!!!! The Labradors say Hi to Penny Porterhouse!!!
I have days where the thought of picking up needles makes me want to scream (especially if its something I HAVE to do for Kerry)..but at the moment knitting seem to be ok. Even though I am not getting much of it done.

Hope the dry spell breaks soon, before you run out of chocolate!

Having no knitting and no chocolate (or for me, cookies) would be unthinkable torture!
hmm...I usually don't knit when I'm too exhausted at work. But lately, I've been knitting almost everyday to and fro from work on the train ^_^
Don't worry Katie, we all have times like this, no matter how much we love knitting. When you are ready, you'll start back into it.
Something will be get you inspired, or you'll become determined to finish something just so it is finished, and you'll be knitting like crazy again soon.
Hope you are feeling a bit more chipper now!!!
Wow - no knitting or blogging for ages! You must be in a down spell. I quit my job and boom, no flatness! (Panic yes!) Reading back through your blog, it sounds like you have all these thing you MUST knit, not cos you *want* to knit, and a little performance anxiety has set in after things you knitted for yourself didn't go as they should....
I hope things improve soon.
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