Thursday, June 15, 2006


A Brief Diversion

I should be knitting Pomatomus for my Grandma, they were, after all, supposed to be a Mothers Day present, or even my neice's shrug that is "this" close to being finished, but I'm weak & cast on something new...

Knit in Live 2 Knit Marilyn 100% Superwash Merino in Commando colourway

Years ago (before blog) I knit a pair of Broadstreet Mittens that were supposed to be for J, somehow they found their way into my winter jacket pocket where they settled in & made house. Now it's time to make amends with some Urban Necessity Gloves from MagKnits.
They are knitting up very quickly, what you see here was knit in one afternoon, so hopefully they will be a short diversion.

Penny doesn't care what I knit, so long as someone plays with her!
I love that comando wool! I so I have to buy some soon! Maybe a lovely pair of gloves would be good..Would it be suitable for the Broadstreet Mittens cos I really want to make those...

And Penny is still so cute!!!

Lovely mittens and join the club of casting on something new when we should be working on other things. Fun though isn't it ;)

Penny is growing!!
Penny is so cute! I know what you mean...I have projects I *should* work on, but am very tempted to cast on a new top! So hard to stay disciplined!
Oh, nice gloves and nice colours!!I have ordered wool to knit a wrap around cardi from IK and I am starting as soon as it arrives - never mind the other things I am supposed to be doing!!
That Penny is a rascal!! Look at that cheeky face!! Puppy dogs love to play!! It's all about me, they say!!!
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