Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Attaining Nirvana

My knitting of late has become very Buddha like, taking many incarnations to attain the perfect state of Nirvana.
I have started a pair of socks countless times in a hundred different stitch patterns before finally settling on Pomatomus and the shrug I'm working on for my oldest neice has been knit, frogged & re-knit enough times for me to have made eight, perhaps a little Buddhist meditation will help.

Here is the other reason I haven't done much knitting this week

Her name is Penny, she's 9 weeks old and she came to live with us last weekend. She is a Mini Foxie and is just too cute for words.
oh!! Penny is super duper cute!! Can I cuddle her plz!!!!!!
The puppy is so cute. Good luck with the Pomatomus!
Oh Katie, how lovely!! Penny is so gorgeous!! I wonder that you can function at all in the face of such cuteness!! The Labradors send a sniff, some wags and licks!!
Harki-Parki-Parker-Posey and
Peri Naughty the Golden Labradors
Penny is so gorgeous!!! I want!! lol...Dont have a fence that would keep her in though (wait the fence would for awhile..Dont have a gate though).

I have having problems finishing knitting projects at the moment and want to start many more then I have. I have MOST of them pictured on my blog at the moment (most are green) but there are more that arent there!!
Penny is soooo cute.You are going to have so much fun.
Hi Katie, She is a bengal.The breed was started in america in 1980. They crossed a domestic cat with a asian spotted leopard.She is a very confident and playful cat sometimes a little too playful.And the older she gets the more affectionate she is becoming.She is an absolute diva.Hope you have a good weekend:)
Oh who wants to knit when you have such a cutie to spend time with. Penny is also so lucky to have found herself such a loving owner.

You will enjoy the Pom...(hippo socks)
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