Thursday, March 02, 2006

I've started a new pair of socks ...

I've already started this sock about 5 times already, firstly in the Viva colourway but that just wasn't working for me. This incarnation is in Peacock.
I'm planning on gifting them to my Grandma for her birthday at the end of March, this provides a challenge in more than one way:

1. I don't know what size to make them
2. I'm planning on making a flap heel which I've really done before
3. I'm not a fast knitter, can I finish them in time???

I prefer toe-up socks but have made these top down so that the cuff is nice & stretchy and I've chosen a simple slip stitch rib pattern to hopefully eliminate any other fitting issues, is there anything else I need to worry about?
Oh, I love the way the green colour kind of swoops down the sock. Very nice indeed!!!
Thats very pretty!! Is that some of your own dyed yarn?

And I am with 2Paws! I like how it swoops ;)

hey katie!
i really like to colour you are using. i hope you get them finished in time. i don't have any advice unfortunately, as the only pair of socks i have attempted have been frogged and are currently awaiting my dpn's for a second try...
vera x
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