Thursday, March 16, 2006



The Groom Sock is finished.

I used the star toe which is very pretty but I think it is too pointy and a bit short for my liking but it has given me ideas ...
Groom Sock is patiently waiting for Bride Sock to be finished so they can become a pair & barring any terminal events I should have it finished in time for my Grandma's birthday (fingers & toes crossed).

I've been coveting the Rebecca Apricot Jacke like forever, and Selma is pretty much finished, yes almost finished now, and Lacey has been banished to Never-Never Land I am free to start something new. Free at Last!
I had already decided I wanted it to be white but what yarn to use, should I, could I splash out on the recommended GGH Java? Or go with Rowan All Seasons Cotton as many others have? No, I have pur-chased some Katia Mississippi (60% Cotton/40% Acrylic) and have already swatched it up.

Now just to finish a sock & sew a sleeve, finish sock, sew sleeve, sock, sleeve.
I really need to learn to knit in my sleep!
Mmm I know that needing to learn to knit in my sleep thing! lol

LOVE the sock! LOVE the cardi you want to do..

Is the yarn you are using really soft? Looks lovely.

lovely sock!
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