Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Busy, Busy, BUSY

Busy, yep that's what I've been, as a bee.

I finally finished the damned wedding cake which has to be delivered this weekend.

Before anybody asks - yes, it is leaning & yes it is supposed to be that way.
The perfectionist in me is totally unsatisfied with this cake but past experience has taught me that the more I fuss over it the worse I make it so I have put it in a box & refused to look at it since!

I've hardly touched my needles since the socks were finished but I've not gone into withdrawl just yet as I recently received a delivery from Amazon, so I have a pile of knitting books a mile high, that's right when I'm not actually knitting, I'm reading about knitting - sad no?
The cake is lovely, flowers look life-like, but why?? why would they want a cake that leans?? It offends my sensibilities too!!
Have a lovely reading time, I still think it sounts as knitting time!!!
I too love knitting books, I love dreaming over future projects, which of course never end up on the needles, but isn't that all part of the fun??

Nice cake but not one for us perfectionists!!!
I received my yarn today in the mail from you. I LOVE it!! I cant wait to get my hands into knitting something with it..Though I like just fondling it! Its so soft! I have never had Alpaca before.

I am with Cindy! Why a leaning cake!?!?

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