Thursday, January 12, 2006


On How To Drive Yourself Insane or Always Check Your Stitch Count

So I was knitting madly away on the front of Selma determined to get the front finished, I noticed I'd missed a decrease on one side, so I did a stitch count to check, as you do.

Houston we have a problem ...

So I cast her aside for a couple of days while I psyched myself up to rip it all back, then I had a brain wave.

What if only one side is wrong...

So I whipped out the pattern & my trusty calculator & crunched a few numbers, there should be 50 sts on each side with 29 of them in ribbing.
I counted the left side 50 sts, I counted the right side 51 sts, that's OK I can handle that.
Then I counted the ribbing, 29 sts on the left and on the right, 25 sts - WTF!
I panicked a little, I couldn't possibly have knit the whole right side with only 25 sts in ribbing could I?

Quick as a flash I counted the ribbing stitches below the join - 29 sts, Whaaa???
Somehow, even though I was using stitch markers, I've managed mess up the pattern when I joined the two pieces together.

Now comes the dilemma, do I rip it back now or continue on hoping that it's not too obvious when it's finished, I'm leaning towards ripping at this point but I'm kind of anal that way. What would you do?
You poor thing. I'm for unravelling. Even though no-one else would ever know - I would!! I once undid a whole baby blanket to fix a mistake in the first few rows. I know how you feel. I have to have matching socks, and no mistakes in knitting. I um and ahh about it , but in the end I always undo it. Can you bear to??? I dropped a stitch in my sock and didn't notice for ages ( watching TV) but you can pick that up.
Good luck whatever you do...
Love and commiserations,
Cindy, Harki and Peri
I am for unravelling too. I am so anal about my own work that I couldnt handle a little mistake in it. As Cindy said..I would know and thats all that needs too.

I think there are a few of us that are very anal about their own knitting and cant handle the mistakes (even if they are the only ones that know).

Funny - I'm for ripping back too. Its a total pain in the rear but you'll feel better about it. I think I would. :-) You poor thing - It really looks fantastic though....
Ok, so I'll offer a different view: I HATE frogging things with a passion. I only ever frog if it means the rest of the pattern won't work, or it's a noticable mistake.
(ps- you'd be pleased to hear I'm no longer stitchless!!)
i'm a little late with this comment - trying to catch up on my reading. i'd have to frog it - but like you, i'm anal like that!

if i didn't frog it i would notice the mistake everytime i wore or looked at it.
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