Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Where Are All The Knitters??

I've been madly dyeing, sewing & beading in preperation for the market. Here are the fruits of my labour:

Maybe it was the heat (it was around 30oC on Sunday), maybe it's the wrong time of year, maybe it was the wrong place, maybe I've misjudged what other knitters want, I don't know, but whatever it was I had not one sale & very little interest, all in all a very disappointing day. I don't think I will be making another appearance in the near future.

Now I've slipped into the knitting doldrums, I've barely knit a stitch in weeks as I've been too busy & now I have the time I don't really feel like it. I knit all of two rows on Lacey last night & ended up tinking them both, what's a girl to do?
Arrgghh! How awful - All your hard work! I did a market recently for the first time and sold only two things (to friends)! Hang in there maybe its the season. Your display looks great. :-) Stripey
Your stall looked fantastic.
Never give up : Never surrender!!
Your Secret Pal
No, don't be discouraged! Your stuff looks beautiful, so it must have been the weather. And -- there is a cold wave coming from Adelaide (if it hasn't arrived already). Personally? I'm hoping it holds out until early December, when the magazine is launched. (OK, yes, I'm selfish.)
I agree with your SP that stall looks great! I know if I was near you I would buy things!

I am having the same slight problem down here in Tassie. My MIL is having a stall next weekend and wants me to do some things for it. Now cos the weather is heating up I can exactly do childrens mittens and beanies now can I? And I cant make knitting needles and the sort to sell. So I am going to make some toys (if I end up doing anything. I am considering not).

Hey Katie,
Don't feel discouraged, it's early days yet. And I think your display looks very pretty and neat.
I've only been in Melbourne for a few months and don't know of any craft markets yet but I think I'd love to check our your stall the next time you're at a market.
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