Monday, November 28, 2005

Look what I've been knitting...

Looks like a dishrag to me!

This is the front piece of Lacey all finished, it looks a bit blah at the moment but after some serious blocking it'll look like a million dollars! Now there's only an arm to go but that will have to wait until after I've finished the front of Selma...

Here's all the progress I've made so far (The colour is way off in this pic, it's actually more of a wine red). The front is actually knit as two pieces then joined together at the v-neck so I've decided to be a little crazy and knit both pieces at once!
I want to finish this off before the hot weather really sinks in & also get Lacey finished so she can make her debut before the end of Summer, now there's some wishful thinking for you.
Oh, what lovely knitting!! You are out of your funk well and truly. Blocking works wonders, doesn't it.
Getting the colour right in photos in almost impossible.
Yes- Knitting and hot weather do not mix.
Your Secret Pal
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