Thursday, November 03, 2005


Episode IV - The SP Strikes Back

I must apologise to my SP for being so slack about blogging about the lovely package she sent me last week.

There were many goodies within; some lovely beaded stitch markers that she made herself! Some more yummy hazelnut hot chocolate with some chocolate sprinke to go on top (I just love the little sayings that are on each of the packets eg: Man can not live on chocolate alone, but Woman can!) A very retro Phildar mag & a cute little purse containing some first aid supplies for those "nasty" knitting injuries.

But best of all, a pair of hand knitted socks JUST FOR ME!

These really blew me away! I feel very special to have someone knit for me as nobody else I know knits anymore. The stitches are just perfect & they fit beautifully. I have put them in my knitting area & everytime I look at them I am amazed all over again. Thankyou Secret Pal.

PS. There was also a cute little story about the making of my socks that arrived last night - hilarious! You certainly are a very special lady!
Oh, I am so glad the socks fitted you and they look great too. Yes, I am 'special' but not always in a good way! It was just a coincidence that someone else was knitting the same sock.
And that was me unable to co-ordinate myself well enough to leave my name..I'm not a stalker!!
Your Secret Pal.
Ooooh what a lovely parcel! those socks look just lovely too!


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