Monday, September 05, 2005



Even though I didn't knit very much over the weekend I feel like I have made a lot of progress.
The back of Lacey, my Bergere de France top is done, so just the front & a sleeve to go - half way there!

Block me already!

I also have two sock cuffs done, ready for some heel turning.

I was following the Lana Grossa sock pattern, however I was having some problems deciphering the instuctions for the heel last night after a glass of red, so after topping up my glass, I went for the tried & true hourglass heel from the Twisted Sister's Sock Workbook.
I love the way it looks and I find it easier than the short row heel as there are no stitches to pick up, gotta love that!

I am supposed to be working on Selma next, but still have to work out a few calculations with my re-working of the pattern, so I might be knitting socks for a while.
Ooh, that will be pretty when it is finished.
Hi, You've been tagged with a meme. Have fun, the questions are on my blog post. Lacey is really pretty!!
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