Thursday, September 22, 2005


(Hi SP)

I got word a few days ago that my Secret Pal had sent something my way & when I arrived home last night I found a package waiting for me. Inside was a great card, with a lovely message & also this:

A knitterly brooch she had made just for me, isn't it the coolest! But wait, there's more, there was also this:

Choccies, more importantly - hazelnut chocolate, my all time favourite (as you can see I couldn't resist having a few pieces before I remembered to take a pic). And look the card & wrapping paper she used even had chocolate all over it.

Secret Pal, you're the greatest!
Dear Secret Pal, I am glad you liked your brooch and enjoyed the chocolate I had read you liked Hazelnut Chocolate and when I went to the supermarket, there was a brand new kind. I can't believe a whole week of SP is over already, have a great weekend, hope the weather is good and you get to do lots of knitting....
Your Secret Pal
Katie, Who can wait to eat chocolate, it is one of the 5 important food groups - Chocolate, chips,chocolate, wine and chocolate. Have you seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? I heard someone had won a Golden Ticket in real life....
Your Secret Pal
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