Tuesday, August 02, 2005



So the woman came to order her cake on Sunday morning & despite my worst fears she actually chose a design that is fairly classic with a bit of a modern twist, however despite my best efforts I couldn't talk her out of Mud cake.
Even though it isn't required until the last weekend of February, I'll probably start it in the next month or so cause I have a pathalogical fear of leaving things to the last minute & that last minute rush is what brings me to tears every time, unfortunately with Mud cake there is always a last minute rush since it can't be iced until the week of the wedding!

I've dyed the remaining yarn required for the Snakes & Ladders Stole over the weekend & am just waiting on it to dry before I can wind it into a ball & get stuck into finishing this puppy, a prospect that I find relieving to say the least.
Lacey has been tinked back to within a couple of inches & I am pleased to report the stitch count is now correct. HOORAY. And I have almost re-knit all that I undid.

I've organised to meet with a couple of other knitters in my area at the Mambo Cafe in the new Bayside Entertainment complex in Frankston at 2:00 on Saturday afternoon, I must say I am looking forward to meeting some fellow knitters, as much as I love J, he just doesn't get it.
I just love your Snakes & Ladders Stole is beautiful were did you get the pattern I am just starting out learing to do lace .. and you sure do beautiful work. I want to make a stole for my Mom can you tell me were you got the pattern?.. ,my email addy is toni@qconline.com
I want to thank you again for the pattern im just now starting on it ..
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