Friday, July 08, 2005


Lace of Wrath

David Attenborough Voiceover: Lace is the most attractive and deceptive of beasts. All who see her covet her, yet she doesn't divulge her secrets willingly, they must be coaxed from her gently with soothing words and tender motions.
Then when she has lulled you into a sense of security and you think you have finally tamed her BANG a precious stitch vanishes into the ether, whereby you must undo all you have achieved & begin anew.

This is one woman's story:

Katie saw the wonderful creations of the talented Wendy and was encouraged to knit some lace of her own. She had some beautiful yarn, decided on a stitch pattern, cast on, all was well.
After a few rows of carefully counting stitches she was becoming confident that she had tamed the lace but then disaster struck - a stitch was missing!
Being a brave & fearless knitter she tinked back a couple of rows, found the poor lost stitch and continued knitting. But this stitch proved to be a trickster & on many more occasions again disappeared. Luckily our heroine is a kind & patient knitter (as well as being brave & fearless) so she continued tinking in her pursuit of the lost stitch, for every row that she knit the tricksy stitch would cause two to be tinked causing little progress to be made on the Waves of Lace scarf.

Will our heroine conquer this devious beast or will she end up curled in a ball sobbing uncontrollably. Stay tuned for the next installment in the thrilling tale of the Lace of Wrath.
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