Monday, July 18, 2005


Lace of Wrath - Truce

The Snakes & Ladders stole & I have come to a truce of sorts, there is no more tinking & re-knitting (well not much anyway) and she is flying off the needles.

At this rate I may have it finished before the end of Winter!
I've also been busy knitting up another scarf using the Live 2 Knit Alpaca/Silk Blend in the Monet colourway using this pattern.

In the meantime I've been seriously neglecting poor Lacey & Selma, not to mention the sock. Generally I'm somewhat of a monogomous knitter, with generally no more than one or two projects on the go at once but at the moment I seem to have lots of bits & pieces at varying stages of completion strewn all over the place. I'm turning into a yarn slut!
Snakes & Ladders? Waves of Lace? Lace of Wrath? Maybe you've just given it an identity crisis, and it is acting out in confusion.

Am enjoying reading through your blog (found you from the Summer of Lace database). I live in Canada, but have a brother in Melbourne. I think he's only there for the cool birds (keeps sending photos of colourful birds on his balcony railing, oh - and sandy beaches, too).

Keep up the battle of lace!
Very pretty. I love that color - is the photo true to color?

I came over from the Summer of Lace group.
Hi, i found you on the SnB list. Your stole is looking great. I' m very impressed with your cakes, i've done quite a bit of this myself.
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