Saturday, July 30, 2005


Just say NO!

Back in the dark ages before I got one serious addiction to knitting I used to decorate cakes, (if you're interested you can see a few of my finished creations in the Finito album). I was even commissioned to make a couple of wedding cakes for the daughters of friends of my Mum, but after the close deadline sweats, tears and near disasters, not to mention the nerves surrounding delivery of said cakes, I decided it just wasn't worth it and vowed never again to make another wedding cake.
That was until a couple of months ago when out of the blue I got a call, a friend of one of the girls I'd made a cake for was getting married next year & wanted me to make her cake.
Even as I got a sinking feeling in my stomach I heard myself saying "Sure I can make your cake, no problems!"
J & I were about to head off for holidays so I told her to call me in a couple of weeks & we'd organise a meeting so she could show me what she was after, well one month passed, then two with no call and I was getting confident that she'd found someone else to make the cake then the other night the phone rang. It was her.
I had the opportunity to get out of it, all I had to do was say sorry but I can't do this and give her the name of another cake decorater but instead she's coming around tomorrow to finalise the details as she winds up into full wedding mode, there's no escaping now.

As promised here are yet more progress pics of the Snakes & Ladders Stole.

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