Saturday, June 11, 2005


Seeking A Good Home

I've had notice for about a week now that a parcel was winging it's way to me & it's finally arrived.

8 skeins of gorgeous Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, even better in real life! Unfortunately I won't be able to partake of these enticing little bundles, but they are looking for a good home so if you're need some Lorna's love in your life check them out.

Camouflage, Iris Garden & Jay Pond

Lacey has been a very naughty girl. I had completed another whole repeat of the lace pattern only to discover that I had dropped one of the end stitches about 15 rows earlier. Could I go? Could I just forget that there was ever supposed to be a stitch there? Could I forgive this imperfection? It was tempting but being the anal retent that I am out it came back to the last row of the first pattern repeat, sigh. I'm looking forward to the long weekend and some sucky weather to make amends for this tragedy.
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