Friday, April 22, 2005



I've been pretty busy lately and my knitting has suffered. I did finish Selma's sleeve though, just waiting to be blocked and only a bit more to do on sock numero uno. This has moved to a snails pace 'cause I decided that I would do a long cuff in K1 P1 rib, so far I've done about 8-10cm, about 5cm more would make it a good length, I know glutton for punishment or what but I wanted to be sure they would stay up, I hate socks that keep falling down! I also started the back for Lacey, but have just decided that I might be making the wrong size.

I am a pear, when I started Lacey my buttal/upper thigh area was a bit more inflated than it is now, since then I have shaved around 5.5cm off my thighs and have dropped a dress size, this didn't really hit home until I bought a new pair of jeans yesterday. J has been nagging me for about a month to get some new jeans cause the butt in my old ones are too baggy and since it was my Birthday last week I decided to spend some of my Birthday money, suffice to say the new ones fit like a glove, in a good way.

Back to my point, I started to make Lacey in the 44/46 size (remember this is a french pattern, so European sizing) which is for a 98-105cm bust & 104-111cm hip, my bust is only around 90cm but I was making it to fit my butt so hence the larger size, but now I think I would be better off making the 40/42 size which is for a 90-97cm bust & 96-103cm hip, this isn't too painful as I have only done one repeat of the lace pattern on the back but that means the sleeve I have already finished is wrong. I'm not gonna rip it and I don't really want to have to make another one, I guess I'll just make the smaller size, match the sleeves and squeeze them into the armholes, from the look of the schematics there's only 1cm difference between the two sizes for the armholes anyway.
What do you think?
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