Sunday, March 06, 2005


We have Sleevage

After all my whinging about Lacey it didn't take much to finish off the sleeve.

Lacey Sleevage Lacey Detail

It's all blocked and ready to go, however I've decided I want to start something else.
It was going to be Coppertone, but I've changed my mind and am now going to make this instead.
I actually started making this a while ago, even got the back & front finished, tried it on and duh-dow, it didn't fit. I hadn't taken into account the difference in size between my bust and my flary hips. Bugger! So I ripped it. I've lost a bit of weight since then but I will still have to make some mods to the pattern for it to fit the way I want it to. So I've started another sleeve while I work out the math

Selma Sleevage

I've also delayed on turning the heel on my socks by starting the other one, that way I can turn both the heels at once, smart huh, and it may cancel out some of that second sock syndrome I've heard about.
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