Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Got the Clap!

I've finally sucumbed to Clapotis. I must admit it didn't really do much for me when I first saw it, I'm not really a scarf person, but it has grown on me as I see each one finished and It's not for me anyway.
I've been searching for a while for a suitable substitute yarn with plans that I would dye it myself. I decided on a luxurious sounding Merino/Alpaca/Silk mix from Xanadu Llamas.
When the yarn arrived a few days later I ripped open the packaging, inside were six lovely bundles of yarn in an unexpected shade of caramel brown.


I'd envisioned my Clapotis in shades of pastel pink, lavender and blue, so this put a bit of a damper on things.
I decided I would forge ahead and attempt to dye it anyway, with the hope that if I used bright coloured dye then the brown yarn would mute them into deeper. richer colours.
I ordered some Landscape Dyes from Virginia Farm in Galah and Marine, wound the yarn into a skeins and read everything I could find on dying wool.
I decided to follow the hot pour method outlined in the Twisted Sisters Sock book I got for Christmas (great book by the way). It was hard to tell how well the colour had taken straight away, but after it had dried gorgeous wine red, eggplant purple and deep blue verigations.

Not Brown!

It has knit up beautifully, very subtle and extreemly soft.

The Clap

I also tried dying it and putting it in the microwave, the colours seemed to come out brighter as though they haven't blended together as much but I nuked it for a bit too long and slightly felted my skein, I'll have to be a bit more careful in future.
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