Friday, February 04, 2005


Laps of the Pond

I've not been very good at posting lately have I? I attribue this mainly to the fact that I haven't made much progress with my WIP's lately.

For the last couple of weeks I've been knitting & ripping the same section over & over again, it's a simple enough lace pattern any idiot could get a hold of but apparently not this idiot but at last it looks like I'm making some real progress. I keep perservering. What can I say I'm an Aerian born in the year of the goat, I'm stubborn as all hell, not to mention I don't like letting some string get the better of me!

While Lacey has been getting the better of me I have been working on ... my first sock. I'm using Wendy's toe up sock pattern. I had to have a few goes at the toe, never having used short rows before and typical of me to use a dark coloured yarn that is hard to see. This has already seen a trip to the pond, I just wasn't happy with my tension, ladders galore.

In happier news I have just noticed that Phildar have their new Tendances magazine out and it looks pretty good. Over the last year I have fallen for their stylish and interesting designs, why o why the Australian yarn companies can't get their shit together enough to offer stuff like this I'll never know.
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