Friday, January 21, 2005


I'm Ba-ack

I've had somewhat of a self imposed break from blogging due to some personal issues, but I've decided maybe it's time to make a comeback.

I didn't quite get all my Christmas knitting done. I made a grand total of four Sophie bags and two Mini Totes, one short of my target (sorry Mum). I decided I liked the shaping on the Sophie's better and since Mum's birthday is coming up at the end of the month guess what she's getting.

I haven't been knitting as much lately but I have managed to make a start on Lacey. I actually started it back in October last year but after putting it down for so long, forgot where I was up to, so I ripped back & started again. Just as well cause I think I started it in the wrong size anyway. Now I'm about half way up the sleeve, and it looks like my pattern translations are pretty good so far.

My Vogue Knitting saga has come to an end at last. I finally received my Summer issue at the end of November, then a few weeks later a second copy arrived! They must have been reading my emails, even if they weren't responding to them.
I've had no problems with the Fall issue as that arrived in the mail last night.
I must say I have rather underwhelmed by their magazine in general, the patterns are pretty average in my opinion, I have only seen one or two things that I would consider making and although the ads are interesting that seems to be all they have. I think Interweave will be my next subscription choice.

PS: If anyone out there wants a copy of the Winter Issue of Vogue Knitting leave a message in my comments. I would be willing to swap for Interweave Knits or similar.

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