Saturday, January 29, 2005



Last Saturday we set off for Bright in the High Country, a leisurely 4+ hour drive away, where they were holding an Audax Bike Ride up Mt Buffalo!
J has been training for months for this, but was a bit unsure of whether he would make it or not. I saw him off at 7.45 Sunday morning (I'm crazy but I'm not that Crazy) and at around midday he coasted back through to the finish line, a little saddle sore and very happy to have made it.

J setting off for his ride up Mt Buffalo (he's the one in the red jersey)

Congratulations, I'm so proud of you!

I decided that we should stay on an extra day to allow him to recover, so Monday wasn't spent doing an awful lot, it was too hot anyway. Tuesday morning we headed back home to a stinker of a day, it was 35 degrees, not that it had been any cooler at Bright, and as the only room in our house that has air conditioning is the bedroom we spent the rest of the day in bed, and Wednesday too, it was just too hot to do anything outside & the flies were driving us batty!

I did take some car knitting on the way to Bright, Mum's Birthday Sophie, I got the knitting finished on the way home, just needed to felt it, which I did on Wednesday.

Mum's Birthday Sophie

I could have done a lot more but I didn't want to take Lacey as there's too much involved with that, charts & whatnot, not to mention the progress is very slow due to the fact that I keep finding reasons to rip it back. I really want to get this sleeve finished so I can start Coppertone. I plan on knitting them simultaneously.

Lacey progress so far

Perhaps I am that Crazy after all, lace and a complex slip stitch pattern at once!

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