Thursday, November 18, 2004


Yet another Sophie

It's all Sophie, all the time. Here's my latest incarnation.

As I mentioned in previous posts I wanted to try cabling on this one, I actually wanted to have a braid running up the centre but after knitting & ripping, ripping & knitting I decided it was all just too hard and settled for a rope running up the sides and across the handle.
As you can see there is an obvious reason for an absence of cables and other texture stitches in felting, they just don't show up!
You can still sort of see the cables running up the sides but the handle has felted into oblivion. So to jazz things up a bit I added a crochet flower which I think makes it look a bit retro.
Sophie episode 4 is on the needles as we speak, only 5 more weeks till Christmas ...

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