Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Vogue F@#&ing Knitting

I'm seriously pissed off!

I noticed a while back that Vogue Knitting had their latest issue out and as I am a subscriber I was expecting my copy in the mail any day. I gave it a week, nothing.
I sent them an email explaining that I had moved since I received my last copy & that even though I had filled in their change of address form I still hadn't received my new issue.

They sent me back a politely worded email as follows:

Good Morning,

We will post your new address to your account.

But - we must inform you that your account was suspended for non-payment on the
13th of September, 2004. The Holiday issue was never mailed.

You can mail a check or money order for the amount of $30.00 to:
Vogue Knitting
P.O. Box 3000
Denville, New Jersey 07834

Or fax credit card details - Visa, Master Card or American Express to:
Attention - Natasha.


WHAT THE #@*% do they mean my account was suspended for non payment, I had only subscribed in February this year!

I sent them back a somewhat startled email:

What do you mean my account was suspended for non payment, I subscribed for one year around 14th February this year and so far have only received two issues out of four. I still have two more issues owing. Can you please look into this as soon as possible.

Here is the transaction as showing on my Visa statement

14/02/2004 VISA-VOGUE/FAM CIR/ETC/FIGURE 973-627-2427 USFRGN AMT-30.000000#1077028 $38.77

Regards Katie

Well two weeks passed and no reply, so I sent another politely worded email requesting an update on the situation ... one week later still no response.

What should I do, I paid for one years subscription (4 issues) but for some reason, perhaps due to my moving house, it looks as though I won't be receiving my final two issues. Perhaps I should send a more strongly worded email this time ... I had been tossing up as to whether to re-subscribe next year but I think my decision has just been made for me.

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