Monday, October 25, 2004


Sleeve Island

Yep, I swam right over to sleeve island with the start of Lacey, the Bergere de France pattern that I have attempted to translate from French. I thought I would start with a sleeve since this is the first time I have knit lace, to test the Brown Sheep Cotton Fine yarn I had decided on using for it and also to test my translation, thus far it seems to be OK.

However, I took one look at the photo and realised that something wasn't quite right, can you see what it is?

The second half of the lace pattern doesn't quite match up with the first, it's one row off so RIIIPPPPPPP, out it has come. I wasn't 100% happy with it anyway and I am a major perfectionist when it comes to my knitting, if it isn't right out it comes I will suffer no mistakes or wonky stitches and have been known to rip out several days, even a weeks worth of knitting to fix a mistake. (That's not to say I don't notice mistakes straight away, I just talk myself into beliving I can live with it, you think I should know better by now).

The French Market Bag is coming along also, no pictures today as it is being very unphotogentic. It's about half finished, I have run out of the navy wool though with only 4 rows to go of that colour to do, how annoying.

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