Friday, October 15, 2004


FO Friday

Well I finally got the zipper installed and here is the final reveal...

Design: Tie & Dye - Phildar Tendances Spring 2004
Yarn: Phil'Onde in "Jacinthe" colourway
Tension: 23sts/30 rows
Needles: 3mm & 3.75mm
Started: 13th July 2004
Completed: 14th October 2004

The colour in the photo is pretty bad due to the fact that I take terrible pictures, I'm always squinting or blinking with flash photography so in order to get a half decent picture J. had to turn the flash off. I just couldn't wait till morning to take the pic.
I absolutely love the way it has come out and can see it becoming a new favourite in my wardrobe.

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