Friday, September 10, 2004


I've moved

Due to some sort of glitch with my old blog address, I've had to create a new one & transfer all four of my previous posts into it, what a huge job that was, not! So here I am at Knit Obsessed, hopefully I will have more luck here.

Today is a bit of a red letter day for me, I have bought my knitting to work & plan on doing some during my lunch break, it will be the first time I have knit in public ever!
I am a bit of a shy flower, when I was a teenager I used to crochet quite a bit but I never told any of my friends about it, I was too embarressed and thought they would think I was a bit of a grandma or something. Then when my SIL got pregnant for the first time I taught myself to knit again so I could make a little jumper for the baby, I didn't tell anyone about it for similar reasons, whenever my fiancee would mention it to anyone I would get all embarressed and turn bright red, I'm still a bit funny about it so it is a big step for me, maybe I'll just find a little corner to hide myself in.

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