Monday, September 27, 2004


All Sewn Up...

Well I didn't get to finish my second sleeve as predicted but I did seam up the half of Le Tie & Dye that I had finished and blocked.

Ta Da!

The lighting in this photo is terrible but I'm very happy with the way it has come out. I was a bit nervous about the seams becasue I didn't have any of the blue yarn left, thank god for mattress stitch! It actually amazes me every time I do mattress stitch at how the seam just disappears. OK so I'm easily amazed.

I'm aching all over from overdoing it in the garden over the weekend so I think I will find a quiet spot to knit in my lunch break today and try to make some more progress on my sleeve.

You can sew! Wow cool. visit me at..
hi katie, nice blog, found it thru the aussie knits ring. That looks like a wonderful top you're knitting with such a lovely colourway. Any details for us?
It's from the Summer 2004 edition of the Phildar Tendances magazine, it's call Tie & Dye, (visit Phildar at I bought the magazine with English translations from England and the yarn from Threadbear.
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