Friday, August 27, 2004


Welcome to Blogger Land

I've finally taken the step from blogee to blogger.
As I'm sure you have guessed from the title I'm hoping this will become primarily a journal of my knitting projects, it's sort of an obsession I have at the moment.
Currently I'm working on the Tie & Dye cardigan from Phildar Pretemps 2004 (no pictures yet, still have to work out how this silly thing works). I've completed one sleeve and I cast off the right front/back piece last night. I'm loving the way it is turning out and the colour gradiation is just awesome.
I'm a bit anxious as to the fit though, I chose the size that should best fit me and knit a gauge swatch too, but I always seem to get about halfway through a project and start to worry, shit is this gonna fit me!? I pinned the bits I've done together and tried them on but they really need to be blocked, they were just too curly to be of any real indication.
I love the Phildar patterns, I don't think there's anything in the book I don't actually like, it's just a shame we don't get anything like that here in Australia, the yarn companies here are too busy chasing the novely craze, in which I've had absolutely no interest.

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