Monday, February 13, 2006


The First FO of 2006

I knit 1.5 socks to make this pair but it was worth it.

Pattern: Lacy Scallops
Needles: 2.75mm DPN's
Yarn: 2 skeins of Live 2 Knit Elizabeth in Pina Colada colourway (not shown on site)
Started: December, 2005
Finished: February, 2006
Notes: I made a few changes to the pattern, firstly I knit it toe-up and used my favourite short row heel from The Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook. Secondly I used a M1 increase instead of the YO called for in the pattern, well just because I can, and finally I had to increase to the 72sts right after the heel due to my *cough, cough* cankles.

I LOVE the way they turned out and wore them all day Saturday, even though it was far too warm for socks, now I can't wait to start another pair of socks but first I need to dye some more yarn.

In a fit of finishing I've also finished Selma's second sleeve at long last and I'll attempt to get that sewn in this week, who knows I may have another FO to show you before the week is out, stayed tuned.
They look great, Katie! I haven't been in much of a sock mood lately, but I've been seeing so many great socks, I may have to knit a pair :)
Those socks look gorgeous!!

I am going to have to make myself a pair of socks before this winter kicks in. So might have to get my butt wiggling! lol

Wow! Those are gorgeous! I love the colors! I've got to break down and try dyeing again sometime! Thanks for sharing them with me!
Katie, your socks are divine!! And they are VERY flattering to your 'cankles'!!!!!!!! You look positively gazelle-like!!! I am like that with new things. I wore a scarf when I finished it last year in Summer and felt quite faint!!!!
Pretty!!! Looks like a good fit, too. Don't you feel as if you should walk everywhere without shoes on now? --Sylvia
Thanks for inviting. I like your blog and what I like even more WE ARE NEIGHBOURS give or tsake a few kilometres of Bass Strait! Will visit again.
those are beautiful! i especially like the picture of your fire in the background.
hey katie, just catching up on your blog after being away for a while and wow what a feast of knitterly activity!! Love the lacey - soo sad it doesnt fit. The selma action sounds drastic! But the sock by the fire photo is a master stroke!! :-) Stripey
Love your socks. Beautiful work, great color and nice fit! Like that fire burning, too.
Dear Katie, Sharon has bought some of your yarn and it was passed around at the Knitting Coven yesterday too Ooohs and Ahhhs!! Lovely sample card too!!! We are now waiting to see Katt's next time!! Hope the knitting is going well!!!!
your socks look gorgeous! the colours (even though i am usually more of a pink than orange gal myself) are groovy and i absolutely want some for myself!
vera x
- who is also very thankful for the 'ladder' advice
is that a real fire? the socks look really really beautiful
I love your socks! They look really cool, I may have to add them to the never ending list of things I would like to make! It never gets shorter no matter how many I knit off it.
These Lacy swalops looks so qute. I have knitted a couple of feather and fan socks before but these looks even prettier. I definately have to try this pattern.
Thanks for letting me know about this pattern.
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